Weapons in zombie HQ range from a small Caliber pistol, different variations of shotguns, Rifles, Explosive weapons, Flamethrowers, Baseball Bats and the infamous mini gun.

It's important for players to carry the right weapon when accepting a mission as some guns are not as effective in certain missions such as bringing a revolver to a Hard survivors mission might be good for not running out of ammo, however the revolver doesn't inflict enough damage to kill Leapers nor chargers as the increased difficulty doubles their Base health.


Handgun: Low Powered Semi-Automatic with decent clip capacity and Decent reserve ammo.

Revolver: Moderate firepower with small ammo count and decent reserve ammo.

Pump-Action Shotgun: Strong at Close-Quarters, slow rate of fire, low initial ammo and low reserve ammo.

Submachine Gun: Moderate Damage, Normal amount of initial ammo and reserve ammo with quick reload.

Assault Shotgun: High-powered and Useful for crowd control against Leapers with low initial ammo and decent reserve ammo

Sniper Rifle: moderate damage, better use the single headshot (doesn't work against the beast, but it will take only 4 shots to take them down, no matter how much is the sniper damage) moderate initial ammo and decent reserve ammo.

Mini Gun: moderate damage, huge initial ammo and hugh reserve ammo, it's not that good choice when you have it unupgraded.

FlameThrower: low damage, decent initial ammo and reserve ammo. Work well against crowd, but the damage are too small, so better use melee weapons while the zombies are paralyze.

Anti Armour Rifle: high damage, low initial ammo and decent reserve ammo. The damage makes it all, decent fire rate when upgraded, good choice when taking down a tough zombies.

More coming soon