Survivors is a mission that involves escorting survivors from the zombie's Spawn zone to the Main Entrance. The only know way to fail the mission is for the player to die or to have no survivors rescued. Survivors can not defend themselves as their physical condition prevents them from doing so.


Survivor being Escorted to the safe zone


Survivors Mission Icon


  • Stay close to your survivors on hard and medium difficulties as the amount of damage that zombies can withstand is doubled.
  • The First survivor will be close to the main entrance but will be under attack by a zombie unless the player frees them in time.
  • Do not leave the Survivors they will die eventually as their corpses will clip through the ground indicating their death or by checking the Survivor icon to see if its still active and if the icon is red then it means that the survivor is under attack.


Survivors are necessary to get early unlocks for weapons, Equipment, Explosives and Furniture as 10 survivors can be airlifted for $8,000 which can lead to large amount of money or players can save up on survivors to get gold which can unlock powerful weapons assuming that the player's ranks is around the 12-17th mark.