Barricades is a mission that involves holding back the Zombie menace while repairing Steel plated barricades that have been damaged from past horde attacks. The mission can only be completed by fixing all five barricades while being attacked by zombies.


Barricades Mission icon


A set of Barricades the main objective.


  • Fixing the Barricades should be the player's top priority as killing zombies will not complete the mission instead it activates the next wave of zombies to attack the barricades.
  • Barricades are easier to fix if the player's Dexterity skill is Maxed out yet harder Missions will make fixing barricades slightly harder along with Leapers pouncing at the player.


  • Each Barricade that has been repaired for the first time will reward the player with a generous amount of Zollars making it one of most profitable missions to play.