Air Drop behaves similar to the mission barricades except that the objective is to survive until the chopper arrives with the supplies. The Landing zone will be marked with flares and four makeshift barricades are set up around the perimeter of the LZ to help keep zombies at bay. The player must survive for at least 1:00 minute during that time the player must not only survive but also kill all zombies in the area so the chopper can drop supplies.

Air Drop1

Air Drop Icon in Missions

Air Drop2

A Chopper dropping off supplies at the LZ


  • Surviving should be the player's only goal since the barricades provided are not indestructible like the ones in Barricades thus makes fixing barricades an option.
  • Hard and Medium Air Drop missions will replace most of the common infected with Leaper and Chargers which could be dangerous to players that are not carrying the right weapons.


  • The pilot of the chopper reuses the injured male survivor from the mission Survivors.